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Raw Image Vs. True Love Preset

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Get the presets tested on your images!

unedited newborn photography image

We are happy to test the preset pack to make sure they work on your images. We will test your raw images with each preset pack, and then screenshot the best presets as “one click” and then post them to the Passion For Posing – Newborn Photography Facebook Group.

We will tag you, and give you our recommendations, and if they don’t work at all we will say so. Send your raw images for testing using (free) to (do not send jpegs or png files)

**Send 3-5 images using different babies

Image above provided by Julie Palmer


Free Checklist

Want a free business photography checklist that gives you a customizable template of all the necessary purchases needed for a newborn photographer’s business? Ya! That’s why I made one just for you 🙂

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