Photoshop Course for Beginners *Starting Nov 23 7pm MST*

Photoshop Course for Beginners *Starting Nov 23 7pm MST*

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Do you ever wonder how people learn to edit in photoshop when it is such a daunting program? Don't waste time trying to youtube everything. Let me lay it out step by step and show you the tools you NEED to learn when editing newborn and family portraits.

This class is for BEGINNERS ONLY. This is not an intermediate class level. This is starting from the very basics. If you have ZERO or very basic knowledge of Photoshop then this class is for you. This is not a class meant for Landscape photographers although the tools learned will still be beneficial regardless of your images.

We will begin the class right from learning how to properly import images from camera to computer. This class is NON-Refundable. 

This is a class that is held LIVE in a private Pop-Up facebook group where the link will be provided to join via a downloadable PDF after purchase. Attending live is not necessary but the most beneficial. You are able to follow along during the live.

  • To get the most knowledge out of the class it is recommended to have the most updated version of Photoshop CC, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Bridge
  • Raw files, Camera, Cord to plug into computer
  • Most up to date EOS Utility software for your camera installed on to your computer
  • External Hard drive.
  • Printer to print out your PDF's that are going to be given out each week.

This private facebook group will be available to those students indefinitely but archived at the end of the 4 weeks so that no new comments can be made or asked/answered.

Continued content can be discussed in the MomTog Educate Facebook Group.