Hush Baby Mentoring Program FULL PAYMENT

Hush Baby Mentoring Program FULL PAYMENT

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Perhaps you are new to photographing newborns, or you’ve been doing this for years but wish to perfect your skill!

Join my close knit private community via a monthly membership of $153 CANADIAN with a 8 month Commitment. This members only group will allow you to dig deeper, participate in monthly newborn live sessions hosted by Rayne Drop Photography and really get that 1:1 mentoring help you’ve been searching for. I will be online with 1:1 weekly calls with my group members and be your best bud for 8 MONTHS! 

The best part is that joining this private group will allow you to grow along with others while working towards achieving the same end goal! This will develop your relationships within a very competitive industry as well as assist your business to reach its full potential! 

This mentoring program will give you direct assistance on your newborn editing, lighting, angles and so much more. There are NO stupid questions! You will feel safe asking anything and given respect and helpful CC regularly.

Don't wait! Your business is ready to excel! *Limited number of members will be allowed to join as we want to keep the group small and give everyone opportunity to reach their full potential*


  • 8 Month Membership Paid in Full with savings of 10%
  • Private Mentoring Facebook Group
  • Monthly Newborn Live Sessions
  • Weekly 1:1 group calls
  • Templates to prep clients and help you in your business 
  • Bi-weekly Editing Tutorials with YOUR images
  • Studio guides on equipment and places to buy essentials
  • Money saving tips & DIY tricks
  • Variety of Posing Workflow Guides
  • Free actions and latest presets
  • Marketing strategies, and SEO tips
  • Social Media Tips 
  • 11 Months of newborn lives and content in the group already

Once you've signed up, you will be sent a contract to sign and then once that has been submitted you will be sent a request to join the private facebook group. I will friend request you so that you can see this message. You may unfriend me after you've joined. Please make sure to note what name your facebook profile shows so we add the right person!

*This is non-refundable as you will gain access to all previous content*